Accon is committed to the highest standards of ethical business conduct. Our whistleblower system allows you to anonymously report actual or suspected serious wrongdoings. Accon applies a zero tolerance to retaliation against anyone who reports wrongdoings in good faith.

To report please send en e-mail to; Whistleblower.accon@tendenadvokat.no

Note! Do not include sensitive personal data about any individual mentioned in your report if it is not necessary for describing your concern.

Accon’s whistleblower system is a confidential communication channel through which you are allowed to anonymously raise concerns about serious wrongdoings. The system is not intended to replace our internal reporting channels, but to serve as a complement to these.

The whistleblower system is only for reporting actual or suspected serious wrongdoings within the Accon group. A person who blows the whistle does not need to have firm evidence for expressing a suspicion but the report must have been made in good faith.

Who administers the whistleblower system?

Our whistleblower system is a closed system provided by Tenden Advokatfirma ANS who is an independent law office acting as an external third party ("Tenden"). The system is entirely disconnected from Accon's IT network or external website. To ensure the anonymity of the person sending a message, Tenden does not save IP addresses or other meta-data. Reporting can be done 24 hours a day, all year round.

Once you submit a report via the whistleblower system your report will initially be reviewed by Tenden before forwarded to Accon. Accon ensures that a report will not be forwarded to anyone within Accon who might be subject to the report.